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Not Everyone Understands House Music Do you?

It's Friday baby, how u doin? I've got something for ya honey so get ready to feel real good. Here's an Eddie Amador tune called House Music.

It's a spiritual thing
It's a body thing
It's a soul thing

Who is DJ Eddie Amador?
Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Eddie was exposed to a wide range of musical styles at a young age from the Latin-rhythms that dominated the airwaves of his local neighborhood to the disco and soul of Marvin Gaye & Earth, Wind and Fire. The influence of those early years can still be felt in Eddie's music today. He would actually become a successful hip-hop DJ for a number of years before a chance invitation to an "underground" warehouse party that transformed Eddie's minor interest in dance music into a full-fledged obsession.
Discography - latest tracks
*Eddie Amador & Eric Wikman present -The Bobbleheads
Everybody’s Doin It Blanco & Negro
*Carrillo & Amador feat. Nina Lares I Wish You Well Nervous
*Amador & Carrillo Spotlight feat. Georgia Nicole Mochicoprimo!
*Mochico Pretty Little Girl
Latest Remixes
Michael Buble Better Be Tonight Warner Bros.
Jennifer Carbonell Time (Eddie Amador Late Night Dub) Nervous NYC
Rod Carrillo Arizona Bump (Eddie Amador Remix) Carrillo Music
The Vintage Something About The Music (Eddie Amador Rmx) Mochicoprimo!
Peter Brown Feel Good (Eddie Amador Rmx)

Michael Buble It had better be tonight Club mix

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