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Daft Punk continues to taunt Humanoids

Daft Punk - The Prime Time Of Your Life (Para One Remix)

I know how you're feeling, you were all pumped up to get the new album Alive 2007 but now you have to wait for a new release date: December 4, 2007.

So here's a lil something to tide you over.

House Music loves you forever!



pushmusic said...

I love this remix of this tune

there are so many remixes of daft punk tunes out there, even the hip hop boys have been getting on the bandwagon, cough kanye cough.

cant wait for the new album from our french robotic friends

Unknown said...

Good music is good music no matter what genre.

There are so many remixes because people really love the sound. They love to tweak it and play with it. . .

I see remixes as a compliment and a house remix as a gift. lol ;)