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House Music Sounds for your Listening Pleasure

Aaron Smith featuring Luvli - Dancin'

"Dancing is what to do, Dancin when I think of you,

Dancin what clears my soul, Dancin's what makes me whole"

Here's a great high energy house tune for your listening pleasure. The name of the song is Dancin by Aaron Smith featuring Luvli.

These fun uplifting lyrics define what house music is all about. I could never be in a bad mood while listening to house music. And if I'm feeling down House Music is sure to turn that frown upsidedown. lol It inspires the phrase:


Now that I have said what a fabulously wonderful song that is, I have to address that the video is just not up to par. It's an unoriginal cheezy, cliche, girls in bikinis not dancin very well type of thing. It would be nice if House Music could create videos that are as advanced and creative as the sound.

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