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Benny Benassi Releases New Visuals for ‘Cinema (Skrillex Remix)’

 "One day after its premiere on MTV’s Buzzworthy, Grammy Award winning artist, remixer, and producer Benny Benassi releases the visuals for the Gary Go-assisted “Cinema (Skrillex Remix) Dance Video.” The original Skrillex remix blew up into such a giant hit that it stayed in the iTunes US Dance Top 10 for over six months and garnered over thirty-million plays on YouTube, in addition to winning the 2012 Grammy for Best Remixed Recording. Due to the unprecedented success of the record, it was a no brainer for Cinema to be given a fresh set of visuals, this time as "Cinema (Skrillex Remix) Dance Video."

In addition to his signature shimmering beats and monstrous hook, Benassi's new-new video features "America's Best Dance Crew" alums I.aM.mE. As Gary Go sings over Skrillex's remixed Benassi beat, I.aM.mE takes over an abandoned warehouse where they perform illusory dance moves so explosive the guys could double as human pyro."

 Behind The Scenes of The Benny Benassi -- Cinema (Skrillex Remix)