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New Nina Sky

What's up SugarB's??!!!
Hooking you up with new jointz. Check it.

The identical twin duo signed by Nicola and Natalie Albino as Nina Sky have debuted their music video supporting latest track "Day Dreaming". Directed by Adam Sauermilch, the clip features Natalie and Nicole confusing their man with their two completely different sides. The former represents the sweet side, while the latter is bitter and short tempered. The Queens natives cruise though New York, watch a film and hang in the same bed but the plot changes with one of the ingenue's temper. Produced by Beau Vallis, "Day Dreaming" is the first single from the duo's studio album Nicole & Natalie, which becomes their first full-length effort since their debut album eight years ago.

Watch the music video in here. Music video: Nina Sky "Day Dreaming"

DJ's grab the new singles for your sets. I'm hooking you up before the weekend.

Download "Day Dreaming" 


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