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crUNchy bEATs Mixtape from RumbleFish

Rumblemix pt1 - summer 2011

  1. Bass heavy electronic dance music with Funk, Electro, Techno, Reggae, Disco, Garage, Drum & Bass & Dubstep influences.
  2. Stantons edit of Peace Division 'Club Therapy'
  3. Napt - Lock The P - Red Sugar.
  4. Slyde 'Escapism' Slyde.
  5. Edit
  6. 'Jack That Body' edit
  7. Dirty Tricks - 'The Answer' inst +'What Happened' acapella.
  8. Bassbin Twins - 'Floorwerk'
  9. Willow Smith VS Rose Royce - Whip my hair ( Peo De Pitte remix )
  10. Edit.
  11. Jack Beats - Plaza De Funk edit.
  12. Left Right- Everybody
  13. Digibox - Phase One - Lunar Shift remix
  14. Elite Force edit of Plumps Djs 'System Addict'
  15. Freestylers 'Warrior Charge'
  16. Rack n Ruin -'Soundboy' Warrior One remix
  17. ? - Grand Rukus.

From the RF Peeps:
Barry Ashworth & Will Hensel reignite their 'Rumblefish' project along with Martin MY who joins them for their 'Eyes In The Sky' release, due out on Functional Records in November. Remixes come from Jerry C4, Polaroids, Medicine 8 & Snarephobe. The inimitable vocals of 'TK' feature on this single as well as on the 1st single 'Rumblefish' released back in Feb. Barry & Will first put out an EP on Ugly Records a decade ago. Since then Barry has obviously been busy being a Dub Pistol and Westway Records main man, leading the charge at clubs and festivals all around the world, while Will has been beavering away in west London studios under a variety of guises working on projects with The Chemical Brothers & Leftfield as well as The Dub Pistols.

Martin who has just joined 'Rumblefish' used to run 2 of Camden's most respected record shops as well as producing as one half of Move Ya & Steve Lavers, with their slew of releases on Audio Bug. More recently you will find him producing as one half of Dirty Tricks as well as Rumblefish.

Rumblefish Ft 'TK'
‘Eyes In The Sky’


Nixon1290 said...

Bella Vida How do you find this stuff? Its amazing all the music, I'm liking "in the air" by Morgan Page. keep up what ever it is you do

ElroyMusic said...

Please check also this, it is in same style :)