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new Music Videos in the House Dance Music genre

Happy weekend Sweet Lips, time to hook you up with the latest videos in the dance genre.


SolidFrame - Forever

FOREVER EP is his debut release, but this soundboy has more than 15 years bass bizz
under his belt, being a member of the notorious drum'n bass veterans SOLID FRAME.
His original comes with such a wide sound, trippy sparkling effects, reverbed guitars & longing voices from outer space, pushed by a pitchdown roller of a dubstep beat. Deep & beautiful.

Fedde le Grand Remix - Goldfish - Soundtracks & Comebacks

Fedde's massive remix of Soundtracks & Comebacks by hot young South African duo and Blue Marlin residents Goldfish. Their show-stopping style -- featuring explosive live instrumentation alongside dynamic, funk-fuelled mixes.

The Good Men - Give It Up (Chocolate Puma 2011 Edit)

Majik & Wickaman ft Dee Freer 'In Pieces'

J Majik and Wickaman teamed up with Josh Cole, an award winning stills photographer, to bring you their new video for summer anthem 'In Pieces', which features rising star Dee Freer. The video to 'In Pieces' was shot in the most deprived and poorest parts of the country's capitals, Kigali and Bujumbura. The idea of the film is to show the powerful energy that comes from personal hardship, which is a central theme of his work. 'In Pieces' is out now on Ministry of Sound Recordings.

KeeMo feat. Cosmo Klein - Beautiful Lie

German producers Alex Breuer and Manfred Maraun under their KeeMo alias present the scintillating progressive house 'Beautiful Lie'. A contagious beat-ballad that is both soothing and energizing with a strong riff, bass guitar and the sun-drenched beats mix with the heartbreaking vocals of Cosmo Klein.

Kemistrie DEAR DJ

Jaxx HEAD (InFiction Remix)

Hailing from Los Angeles, California InFiction consists of Dan Asma and Doran Oppenheimer. Two Los Angeles progressive house producers who have been Theatrical Editors for over 10 years. What makes these guys unique is that they have cut and produced music many for films including: The Mist, Halloween, The Last Exorcist, Superman Returns, Disturbia, The Darkest Hour, True Grit, Black Swan and the new prequel to The Thing. They have been experimenting by incorporating theatrical themes into tight house beats.

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