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Funky & new in the House Music genre

Getting ready for the weekend SweetLips? Here's some help.

First up is a video for all the new up & coming DJ's. Some wonderful advice from Sasha at the Next Producer Star bootcamp in Ibiza at the Burn Studios Hacienda.

We gonna start you off with some trippy chill out from
The debut EP (featuring Dumbo Gets Mad) by young producer Flamingo

Debut EP for young and promising producer Flamingo, who someway blends infectious chill tunes with alien spacetrippy sounds. Superpalm EP 01 Superpalm 02 Purple Ocean
03 Brown Lighter (feat. Dumbo Gets Mad) 04 Xitle 05 Bat Country

Khan Edison "I Like It" (S&M remix)

Rihanna gets electrified.

Release May 2011 – InFiction release their new EP “Don’t Let Go” thru Academy Of Fists.
Hailing from Los Angeles, California InFiction consists of Dan Asma and Doran Oppenheimer. Two Los Angeles progressive house producers who have been Theatrical Editors for over 10 years. What makes these guys unique is that they have cut and produced music many for films including: The Mist, Halloween, The Last Exorcist, Superman Returns, Disturbia, The Darkest Hour, True Grit, Black Swan and the new prequel to The Thing. They have been experimenting by incorporating theatrical themes into tight house beats.

Get What You Give (feat. Meghan Lehman)

With sounds that are uplifting and melodic and emotional vocals that will tug at your heart, this is one release that will have you begging for more. With the help of talented vocalists like Lucy Walsh and Meghan Lehman, each bringing their own unique style to two very unique tracks, the sounds, synths and rhythms that accompany their voices are bound to have the dance floors pumping until the early hours.

Don't Let Go (feat. Lucy Walsh)

Bouncer & DJ Kitts- Fever

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