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new Techno from Crystal Distortion giveaways

New techno sounds from Crystal Distortion
Crystal Distortion
‘Strings of Vice’ + High Rankin / Ixindamix Rmxs
Bleach Feast

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Check out this fantastic high energy techno ~ improvised live set with hardware and software recorded in front of 2000 people.. live in Leipzig at the Damenhandshuhfabrik!  You can feel the energy in this long 2 1/2 hour set.  It's full of krunchy goodness.

From the CD Peeps:
Pouring their hearts out to the pimp with a heart of moody gold, Crystal 'I've got a throbbing 909' Distortion, the Strings watched in breathless wonder as he slipped on the G-String, and began distilling the rest of them into a scorching digital matrix of the eternal, the old, the new, the pure, the tawdry, the funky, the junkie and the outrageously chunky. Hurling twinkling, winking filth at a hypnotic house groove with a couple of medallions and a leather catsuit thrown in for good measure, his awesome soundtrack to a summer of glorious abandon rips the Strings a new spin, forged in the flames of ecstatic unity and flagrant, disreputable frequency, The Crystal Distortion Foundation for Epic Classic Rehabilitation proudly presents.......The Strings of Vice. Cue self righteous applause from the great and the good

Never one to miss out on unspeakable corruption and vile debauchery, surreptitious sodomiser of synthesisers and brazen buggerer of bass bins, High 'Total Wrong Un' Rankin muscled in on the therapy sessions with forged medical credentials and swiftly proceeded to inflict permanent emotional scarring while cooking up a bipolar all out assault of a mix bursting at the sequinned Y fronts with unhinged testicular fortitude. Violating the Strings into a ravaging onslaught of transcendental wrongness not seen since Genghis Khan discovered ketamine, he strips them of any dignity they had left and warps their remaining shreds of moral fibre into a mind boggling gangbang of monstrous aural indulgence.

Diving into the unseemly fray with an arsenal of heavily medicated outboard acid hurtles Ixindamix - the fallen Aphrodite in baggy jeans and a borderline obscene knob twiddling fetish. Rolling out the bad girl bass and subsuming the Strings in an sea of scintillating sorcery, she drags them kicking and screaming through a blistering prism of old skool riot, rifling their pockets as they surrender to modulated  abandon and whipping them up into a reckless crescendo of speaker shattering goodness.

And as if that mix wasn't enough to make you loose control Crystal Distortion has yet one more giveaway "For the Love of House Music" peeps.

Crystal Distortion - Fill Yer Boots

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