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how rU sugarLips?!!!

I'm bumpin house music so you know I'm feeling great. I mean really how can you feel sad listening to these beats? Anywayz . . . I know you peeps love to check in on my blog:
to find the newest jointz so I'm about to hook you up.

First up is DJ Enferno who by flexing his masterful skills become my favorite remixer. xo
You can check him out live at his DC residency at Pop at Ultra Bar.
Party Rock Anthem (DJ Enferno Remix)


Here's a real fun tune to dance to described by DJ Birdee as Ghetto Disco. I'm feeling it; makes me move. Originally hailing from sunny Italia, he calls his blend of housey beats, obscure 70s samples and wobbly b-lines Ghetto Disco.

Little Bastard and Zubagroove's - If it ain't Broke Birdee Remix


DJ BENZI Presents: No One Ever Really Dies

Silver Medallion's latest project, No One Ever Really Dies, is a tribute to where Silver Medallion was headed before the tragic loss of mc Abay "Carnegie" Lattin. It features dance music ranging from electro to house to dubstep to hip hop with the groups trademark pop style.


woooohoooo!! big ups to Chubby Fingers for revisiting one of my ALL time FAvoRITes.

Deee-Lite - Good Beat (Chubby Fingers Remix)

Chubby Fingers Productions is comprised of three friends; Jazz-e, BlaQwest and Booker residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. They are into all types of quality music from House, Electro and Hip Hop and producing just that...quality music.

Kid Cudi - Marijuana (Chubby Fingers Dubstep Dub)



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Unknown said...

Keep up the good Work!...How can you forget Jazz-E. I remember rocking to you back in the days of Future Fridays! Featuring Moda & Jazz-..Nice to know your still doing the damn thang!