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new Music ~ Nu Disco ~ Previews 4ur sets

Happy new week Sugar B's.

It's a new week for New music giveaways. If you're into it I've got a few nU dISco jointz 4you to check out. Dontcha just luv being the first to drop a new song in your set? i Do!

If you're new to Nu Disco the sound is a mash up of pop, electro, indie and dance. It's evolution at play. The future is now.


First up is a Preview for Sohight's upcoming EP, "Feel It" on Uh Oh Disco Record.  I'm sure I'll be hearing the remix on ur next set.


My Lovin'
Feel It
My Lovin' (Cosmonaut Grechko Remix)


Next is spanking fresh new music for you from Berlin's Bullmeister who has just been signed to Universal. These boys caught my attention with their clever modo:

'Eat more ice cream – make more love' 

Bullmeister - It's Okay - Gooseflesh Remix


Next are the haunting vocals of Sarah McIntosh, the frontwoman of
The Good Natured, who will release their Be My Animal EP stateside on March 14 and are signed to Parlophone, the same British label that’s home to Lily Allen and Bat For Lashes.

The video is for ' Be My Animal '

The Good Natured - Wolves by The Good Natured


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