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Flashback Friday ~ Chicago's Bad Boy Bill ~ Classic House Music

Happy Friday sweet Lips!

Time to dig in the crates to get us in pARty mODe.  Let's see . . . I think I feel like hittin up some chi-town.  Let's do Bad Boy Bill representing Chicago to the fullest. If you are a DJ here's one to give you inspiration.  Two turn tables were not enough for this bad boy bringing  4 turntable battles and over 50 record mix setS this DJ was always going for bigger and better sounds.   

Hard-house DJ Bad Boy Bill was born and raised in Chicago, and began mixing records at the age of 14. An avid fan of Chicago radio station WBMX's Hot Mix Five mixing team, Bill landed his big break when none other than Farley "Jackmaster" Funk gave him his first broadcast gig; he went on to emerge as one of the hottest turntablists on the Windy City scene.

He also founded his own label, International House Records, and through its Mix Connection Multimedia Inc. subdivision issued a series of mix tapes, the ongoing Bangin the Box series. Utilizing up to fifty records -- a reflection of his hip-hop background -- where most DJs would use only ten, Bad Boy Bill gained a great reputation for playing fast and loose with the mix, rarely pausing to rest on his laurels. Along with the Bangin the Box series, he's issued several volumes in a four-turntable battle series (with Richard "Humpty" Vission) titled The House Connection.

warning: The following sounds will leave u HYPED!!

I gotta start the set with this crazy video I found. It's a mega super hyped up video of Bad Boy Bill pumpin up the party so hard he spilled candle wax onto the vinyl spinning  on his turn tables. say what?! for realz jaja You have got to see it. It's part of his 1998 Bangin the box Vol 3.

Now we're going to jump in our time machine back to 1989 and watch Bad Boy Bill dominate the turn tables with his swift mixing skills at DMC DJ Battle. This is how it's done young bucks.

We could go on and on but I'm gonna close out this set with this:
Bad Boy Bill Featuring Alex Peace - Everybody
Label:International House Records

Do you have a Bad Boy Bill favorite?

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