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Giveaway from Disco Trash

Floorkiller is a jumping, bassline heavy, techno/electro track that typifies Disco Trash Music's party rocking DJ style.

The track itself, full of pent up energy, twists and writhes through multiple swift and energizing buildups giving the track drop after ear- pounding drop. First in line for remix duties is The Odd (formerly known as Vulkanik). His remix is a driving techno monster, drawn from a simple and smooth electro soundscape that swirls and wobbles around the pounding techno music. Joining the party, Audionite has turned in a gritty re-cut of the original. With filthy crashing snares and hyper punchy kicks, this cruncher of a track will leave the maddest dancefloor screaming for more. With the last remix in the package Seventeen Veins has re-cut a brooding crowd warmer of a track. Extrapolating the original, rounding the corners, then pulling out the rave synths and dropping them with typical perfect precision into his progressive tech remix of the piledriver original.

The Floorkiller package includes a track for all occasions, from considered tech to filthy party electro. On this basis Floorkiller is primed to fire...
1. Disco Trash Music - Floorkiller (Original Mix)
2. Disco Trash Music - Floorkiller (The Odd Remix)
3. Disco Trash Music - Floorkiller (Audionite Remix)
4. Disco Trash Music - Floorkiller (Seventeen Veins Remix)

Grab the free download HERE:

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From the DT Peeps:

Disco Trash Music aka Felix Neuman and Christian Schnall are one of the hottest acts to come out of the maximal electro scene. And not since yesterday, but since 2007 their own club nights in Southern Germany are regularly packed with hundreds of people. Inspired by the sound of chainsaws, 90s rave and Miami ghetto bass they quickly took their new passion to the studio. Their first bootlegs and remixes saw them showered with blog love and it was not long before the world received some original Disco Trash Music in the form of their debut single “Neon Disco”, released on Freakz Me Out Records, complete with an all-star remix package coming from Moonbootica, Alex Gopher, Autokratz and Daniel Dexter. The single earned them heavyweight DJ support from the likes of Digitalism, Larry Tee, Malente, Azzido Da Bass and Evil Nine, BBC Radio One airplay, a 9/10 review in IDJ Magazine as well as a Top 10 position in the German Club Charts DCC.

In particular their „Bumper Cars EP“ with vocals by no less than Spoek Mathambo was dropped in dj-sets from big players of the scene like Steve Aoki, Cyberpunkers, Mustard Pimp, Stereoheroes, Toxic Avenger, Belzebass, Don Rimini, Edu K, RESET!, Stereo MC's, Calvertron, Illstm, Rico Tubbs, Manaia, Sharkslayer and a lot more. „Bumper Cars“ even made it to #07 in the German Club Charts DCC. Further releases are already raring to go! And in january 2011 Disco Trash Music are starting their own record label Globelle.

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