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something new an Electronic Hybrid ~ Morose

Hello Sugar B's!

I've got something new for you today. I mean really really new. I've talked to you about the evolution of music and this is a great example of taking sounds from different genres and melding them together to create something beautiful, something new.

The band Morose is the coming together of 3 independent established producers/dj's/musicans; Samuel Barba, Tarek Nasr & Eliott Montero. The project is an electronic hybrid accomplished by combining elements of minimal, techno, and house which reflect the band's overall tone, presence, and atmosphere.

Listen and grab on the players below. Tell me what you think. I love the track titled: TIRED the most. The vocals are haunting, the guitar is melodic, then electronic elements with an acid techno feel come in and that totally does it for me. It feels complete and sounds beautiful. If you can be in love with a song, I'm in love with Tired.
Peace & Love

Tired- morose original mix

Thoughts- the project (original mix)

Cocktail dress- morose (original mix

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