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House Music is for Dancing

Hey sweetlips,

This is how to start the week . . . with a House Music mixtape and some dancing.
I'm sure as house music fans we all have the love of dancing in common. This is another reason why house music is my favorite genre = it mOVes me. It's like therapy to get a good dance on, where you are all sweety and happy from the adrenaline rush. umhmm, you know what i'm talkin bout!
Now, some of you may live in the boonies or may be new to the house music scene or (and here's where I fall) are such a dancing fiend you're always on the lookout for new moves.
I'm here to help point you in the right direction. That's what this blog is for.
Fellow Miami house head Danny Dance has a fun new online show that teaches peeps house music dance moves. He's lived in New York, the Dominican Republic and South Florida but told me he fell in love with HouseMUsic in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was like watagatta?! and I know you're like wth?! It just proves that House Music is indeed worldwide, growing and breaking barriers baby.

So tune in below to check out an episode and maybe learn a thing or two to merge with your own personal style. These vids make me smile. I love how he drops genre tidbits of knowledge in the mix. I know I'm looking forward to future episodes.

Enjoy sweetlips!
Peace & Love

House Dance with Danny Dance Episode 3 [HD] feat Julius the Mad Thinker

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