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new electronica House Music Video fr Seymour Bits

Happy Monday sweet lips!

Hope u had a fabulous weekend. Did u catch the MTV VMA's?

Not me, I missed it. I'll catch it on the rebound when they repeat it over n over on MTV. I was busy watching the season finale of True Blood. I prefer sexy fang bangers to puff puff poppy fluff.

In the meantime I've got some new videos for ya sweets.

First up some electronica from his forthcoming self-titled album, Seymour Bits brings you This Is The Place To Be. Brilliant video by Paul Geusebroek.

From the SB Peeps:
Seymour Bits releases his second solo-album on September 17th on Magnetron Music. The self titled album is distinctly more dancefloor based, but is never loosing site of his roots in 70’s and 80’s electro-funk, the album also showcases the effect that years of clubbing has had on Mr. Bits. Seymour Bits is one of the many guises of Amsterdam born Bas Bron multi-talented producer/entertainer. His alias Seymour Bits is actually called Seymour Jackson….

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