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new Electronica giveaway from Mimosa

Happy day electronica music lovers.
Today we've got a phat new remix of Nina Simone's sexy song, I've Got a Spell On You. The giveaway is complements of DJ Producer Mimosa in celebration of his up coming release:
'Silver Lining' October 4, 2010 on San Franciso’s Muti Music

Mimosa has been releasing on San Francisco's dubstep and glitch centric label Muti Music for the past three years and will be touring extensively throughout the fall with MartyParty and Two Fresh to promote his forthcoming release "Silver Lining".

<a href="http://mimosa.bandcamp.com/track/i-put-a-spell-on-you-mim0sa-remix">&quotI Put A Spell On You&quot (MiM0SA Remix) by MiMOSA</a>

Grab Nina Simone ‘I Put A Spell On You’ (MiM0SA Remix)HERE

MiM0SA will releases a magnetic, glitched out new mini-LP 'Silver Lining' October 4, 2010 on San Franciso’s Muti Music.

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