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Classic House Music 90’s Vocal Hits

aw yeah, here we go.

What we're gonna do right now is go back . . . way back.

These are 10 fabulous 90's Vocal House jointz every dj should know.
We're going to start the journey in the year 1994 with the talented vocalist Dajae. This Chicago native who’s still recording today has many early 90’s hits for me to choose from. I decided on this special one because it makes me smile.
Artist: Dajae
Title: Is It All Over My Face
Release Date: 1994
Is It All Over My Face (H+F Original Mix)
Is It All Over My Face (All Over Smoove's Face)
Is It All Over My Face (Green Velvet's Vox Mix)
Is It All Over My Face (Green Velvet's Crush Mix)
Is It All Over My Face (Cajmere's Underground Goodie Edit)

Dajae - Is It All Over My Face (All Over Smoove's Face)


Artist: Praxis featuring Kathy Brown
Title: Turn Me Out
Release Date: 1994
Turn Me Out (Extended DANCE Mix) 5:39
Turn Me Out (The "GO-GIRL" Dub) 5:41
Turn Me Out (Swing 52 Mix) 5:07
Turn Me Out (BUDDHA Edit)

Praxis Featuring Kathy Brown - Turn Me Out ( Extended Dance Mix


Artist: Kym Sims
Title: Too Blind To See It
Release Date: 1991
Too Blind To See It (Original Mix) 3:46
Too Blind To See It (Maurice's Super Dub Mix) 7:06
Too Blind To See It (Hurley's House Mix) 4:57
Too Blind To See It (Hurley's Dub Mix) 6:42

Artist: Frankie Knuckles
Title: Workout
Label:Virgin Records America, Inc.
Release Date:1992
A1 Workout (1992 Vocal Mix) 6:17 Remix - Todd Terry
A2 Workout (Workin' Dub) 6:13 Remix - Todd Terry
B1 Workout (Original Instrumental Mix) 6:20
B2 Workout (Ultimate Track 1991 Mix) 4:22 Engineer - Eric Kupper
B3 Bassworks 4:10

Frankie Knuckles - Workout - Eric Kupper Remix

Artist:Barbara Tucker
Title: I Get Lifted
Release Date: 1994
I Get Lifted (The Underground Network Mix) 7:12
I Get Lifted (X.T.C. Mix) 3:31
I Get Lifted (The Bar Dub) 6:26
I Get Lifted (Go To Church) 6:51
I Get Lifted (Boyd Slams The Organ Mix) 6:34
I Get Lifted (Duck Beats) 6:00
I Get Lifted (Armand's "Lift Me Up" Mix) 8:15

Barbara Tucker - I Get Lifted (The Bar Dub)

Artist: Sandy B
Title: Make The World Go Round
Label: Club Tools
Release Date: 1996
A1 Make The World Go Round (Stonebridge Club Mix) 7:09
Remix - StoneBridge
A2 Make The World Go Round (Classic Media Mix) 7:11
Remix - Kerri Chandler
B1 Make The World Go Round (Deep Dish Round The World Remix) 9:19
Remix - Deep Dish

Sandy B Make The World Go Round


Artist: Frankie Knuckles Featuring Adeva –
Title: Too Many Fish
Release Date: 1995
Too Many Fish (LP Extended Version) 5:30
Too Many Fish (Satoshi's 12" Mix) 10:14
Too Many Fish (Morales D-Max Mix) 9:57
Too Many Fish (Bobby D's Dub) 5:50


Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You
Label: Roulé
Release Date: Jun 1998


Artist: Da Mob Featuring Jocelyn Brown
Title: Fun
Release Date: 1997
Fun (Main Vocal Mix) 8:16
Fun (Todd Edwards Cut Up Mix) 7:18
Fun (Booker T's Vocal) 5:52
Fun (Basement Jaxx's Mongoloid Dub) 7:15


Artist: Martha Wash
Title: Catch The Light
Label: Logic Records
Release Date: 1998
A1 Catch The Light (Sharp "Master Blaster" Mix)
Remix - Sharp*

A2 Catch The Light (Bad Boy Bill Instrumental)
Remix - Bad Boy Bill
B1 Catch The Light (Bad Boy Bill Vocal Mix)
Remix - Bad Boy Bill
B2 Catch The Light (Sharp "Master Blaster" Instrumental)
Remix - Sharp*

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Annabel Schofield said...

I am so happy to have found this blog! Great minds think alike, I guess. I've been creating a weekly blog that covers music, film and fashion of a particular time period combined with a racy, psychedelic novel that I've serialized. This week it's 1991 when my heroine discovers Acid House music for the first time and falls in love with a superstar DJ; and I have featured some amazing tracks that I feel represent the period. I'd love to know what you think.