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5 NEW House Music Videos ~ Ministry of Sound

hey hey sugar,

I just love watching music videos. Remember when you could just tune in to MTV and catch the latest videos to find out what was new and what was hot? jaja nopes neva eva . . . Just fantasizing out loud. That's what this blog is for.

So if you don't know now ya know send me your music videos and we WILL post them because we luvs hoUSe mUSic.

The next few videos are a round up of Ministry of Sound recordings artists.

Tell me what you think. Which did you like the bestest?

Example - Last Ones Standing (Out September 12th)

I like the video: it's funny, it's 80's rehashed = did u see the phone? lol

Unicorn Kid - Dream Catcher

What I learned from this blippity video = unicorns have blurry vision.

DJ Fresh - Gold Dust

aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, i LOVE this song and the video is fantastic. I wanna go out to the playground right now and bounce around. The double dutch battle reminds me of dancing battles. oh yeah, bring it. hoooooooooohooo

TV Rock feat. Rudy - In The Air (Axwell Remix)

OK love Axwell, like the song. Can totally relate to the video. That is me except with long black curls pulled back in a pony tail or sometimes bun. I have to have my pink ipod & baby blue headset with me when I run. Gotta have all my playlists ready. That's why I'm so happy when you see me run past.

Riverside - Learn The Dance!

This video is fantastic, i favorited this one cause i luvs me some sarcasm. teehee and if I see you dancing at the club like that I will make fun of your silly elbow pumping, house lovin grass.

So whataya think sweetlips?

peace out . . . it's friday

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daphne sy said...

Many say that Jazzy M is one of the main men responsible for the UK’s phenomenon that we call house music is no understatement. Great compilation of great house music.

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