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New House Music ~ Music Makes Me Feel Good

Hey love,

I've got a fantastic new track for you to check out today. I loved it right away with no need to hear it in its entirety. Beginning wit the catchy title of the song which is something that all house music lovers can relate to.
mUSic mAkEs me fEEl gOOD
It's deep house, uplifting singalong to this lyrics, rich powerful vocals and oh so danceable beat.


Artist: Nassau featuring Leon Beal
Title: Music Makes Me Feel Good
Label: Ghetto Freaks
Release Date: Jul/12/2010
I don't know who put this video together but it's got quite a few nice dance scenes. My favorite is the scene when the dancers are going off doing their thing with the Eiffel tower lit up at night behind them. loves it!

Nassau Original Mix

Peace & Love

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