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new Dance Pop from Van Go Lion

Happy July peeps!

My inbox is overflowing with new gems since I was busy last week enjoying the 4th of July holiday. Happy Birthday America! I'm so happy to live in a place where I am free to express myself, free to dress how I like and free to listen to any music I want to.

So let's get to it. Today's new group hails from Portland Oregon. What, what??! yeah, I was pleasantly surprised to hear a different sound from the predominately rock artist populated area. The duo consists of Amy Paige on vocals, lyrics and Josh Loerzel on keys and music. With the combination of Amy's powerful and versatile voice and Josh's classically-trained piano skills, Van Go Lion write and produce fresh, highly addictive hooks backed by synthesizers and compelling electronic beats.

They have just released their self-titled debut EP Van Go Lion featuring 6 tracks all written and produced by the band is available now.

You can check out the songs: Convenience Stores & Parking Lots and The Ache in the videos below.

and you can get their latest single Glow by CLICKING HERE.

From VGL peeps:
"Glow is the first song from our second "session" of tracks. A few months ago we sat down to rethink our sound (because with it just being the two of us instead of a full band, we had the freedom to turn this into whatever we wanted) and the result of that was Glow -- pop with a heavier 80's and '90's electronic influence. The lyrics are up to interpretation, although it's not meant to be a love song. It's one of our favorites to perform live -- it's just so fun!"

What do you think? I like both fun pop songs you can sing along to.

Convenience Stores & Parking Lots

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