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cool new Electro Video ~Flore ft Shunda K - Cars

Happy day housemusic lovers,

I have something so cool to show you today. It's a video for French DJ Flore's track Cars created with photography and light by Lightgraff.
I recently watched an interesting documentary on how this type of art is done where the artist works outside at night and using a camera, various filters and lights creates these beautiful colorful images. The results are amazing as you can see in the video below.

Flore ft Shunda K - Cars (Original Uncensored) (Botchit & Scarper)

The video for 'Cars' by Flore featuring Shunda K, taken from Flore's forthcoming album 'RAW' coming summer 2010 on Botchit & Scarper (Video created by lightgraff.org )

In addition to cool videos Flore also has a fun online game to play which I highly recommend you must play with your speakers turned up.
Flore Video Game!

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