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5 new DEEP House Music Singles 2010

Hi sugar lips,

I know you're getting ready for the weekend so I thought I'd help by selecting 5 brand new releases in the Deep House Music Genre that should be on your playlist.

I've put up the videos for you to listen to and the details below it. You'll be pleaseantly surprised at how the Deep House genre can also be influenced by jazz, reggae, gospel, r&b. Let me know which you like best.


Peace & Love

Title:Brothers and Sisters (original mix)
Release Date:June/07/2010

Artist:Justin Michael & Dave Mayer feat. Maiya
Title:My Destination Main Vocal Mix
Label:Salted Music
Release Date:Apr/05/2010

Artist:Matthew Bandy & Aphrodisiax feat. Adeola Ranson
Title:Little Bird
Label:Tribe Records
Rel. date:Jul/05/2010

Artist:D’Flower & Dolls Combers
Title:Keep Jazzy House Alive EP - Grand Piano - Original mix
Label:Open Bar
Rel. date:Jun/08/2010

Artist:Vernon & DaCosta feat. Sanja
Title: Northern Light (Incl. Phil Weeks Mix)
Label: Homcoming Music
Release Date:Jun/08/2010

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