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Classic House Music ~ Top 5 singles from the 80's

Happy Weekend sweetLips,
Hope ur having a beautiful day. Today I’m thinking about MY top 5 must have Classic House Albums from the 80’s.

. . . It came from the 80’s . . .
If you’re a DJ who spins house music or just a fan wanting to learn more about the genre these are my must have, can’t live without, shed a tear if I cant find it = records from the 80’s.
Number One
The Jungle Brothers started off as a hip hop group and blew everyone straight onto the dance floor when they dropped the infamous dance floor anthem: I’ll House You. You can find it on their Straight out the Jungle record released in 1988. The track was produced by the one and only Todd Terry and is known as one of the first Hip House albums on the planet.
I’ll House You contains a sample from "Can You Party" by Royal House which was a rework of Party People by the same artist and "Optimo" by Liquid. Two popular 1988 remixes are:
1- The Richie Rich remix -
2- The Gee St. Reconstruction
Number Two
Next up, is one of the first ever released acid house tracks in the UK, a single by DJ Gerald Simpson aka a Guy Called Gerald titled Voodoo Ray. There are many versions of this single.
1. The single was released the UK in 1988, on the Rham! Label and was the best selling independently released single of 1989.
2. A year later the singlet was released in the US by Warlock Records.
3. The song made another appearance on A Guy Called Gerald's 1988 album Hot Lemonade.
4. and a rerecorded version called Voodoo Ray Americas appeared on Gerald's 1990 album Automanikk, which was released on Columbia/CBS Records.
Voodoo Ray combines a sample of Peter Cook delivering the phrase voodoo rage, truncated due to the recording equipment's lack of memory, and also Dudley Moore forcefully delivering the word "later." In each case the samples are shifted in pitch, and electronically processed. The vocals were beautifully sung by Nicola Collier, a collaborator on other tracks with him.
Check out the 1995 release titled Voodoo Rage to see how this DJ Gerald evolved. Voodoo Rage to see how this DJ Gerald evolved .

Number Three
The unforgettable party tune, Can You Feel It by Fingers, Inc., was released in 1988 on the Jack Trax label. Fingers Inc. a Chicago house music group consisted of producer Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers and vocalists Robert Owens and Ron Wilson.

This single uses the most famous house music lyrics lifted from Rhythm Controll, My House vocalized by Chuck Roberts on Catch A Beat Records.


Number Four
When Inner City’s single, Good Life came out in 1988 not only was it dance floor hit but also managed to get plenty of radio play and climb the top of the charts. The song is a fantastic representation of House Music soulful side.

Inner City formed in Detroit in 1987 with members Kevin Saunderson and Chicago native Paris Grey. Aka Shanna Jackson. Good Life was their second single.

Number Five
For my last selection I wanted to switch it up a bit to Latin House Music styles with the infamous party boys that called themselves 2 In A Room. Their single Somebody In The House Say Yeah! is a great representation of House Music shifting to the beginnings of techno music.

2 In A Room ,a Dominican house music duo, from Washingtopn Heights, New York; rapper Rafael Vargas and producer Roger Pauletta, replaced by Edwin Floodlight Ovalles after 1990. They are best known for their 1990’s party singles like: Wiggle It and El Trago. They did chart several more singles on the dance chart through the 1990s finally changing their name and style to Los Fulanitos.

What are your top 5 must have Classic House singles?

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