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house music on tv

Happy Friday my house groovin peeps,

I was channel surfing for something to make me smile on a fantastic fun friday and I had to pause when i landed on current tv. I heard them say house music SO i held my breath to see what came next. Well well, big ups to them for putting a little skit together about how

dancing comes from that special feeling.

If u read this blog u already know this but it's sweet to know decades later the message is being sent around the world to a new generation.

Enjoy the clip. The music is classic house music and the moves are gonna make u wanna get up and throw down.

Peace & Love


Stan said...

I found you from here http://www.nupharmic.org/

how did you come across my photos of Sundae @ the Piazza? Did you go?

I'm glad to see someone loves house like I do. I'll keep checking back

BellaVida said...

Hey thanks for dropping by.

Everything I post comes from marketing peeps, promoters and sometimes the artists themselves.
Peace & Love