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chill out for the am hours

happy weekend househeadZ,

tonight ive got a nice chillout joint for the after party
.....when ur ready to wind down a bit.
..........softer with just the right amount of cKruNCHy ... ness
................. chillout beats topped off with really pretty vocals.

Red Sky is the first single from Eat More Cake's debut album, "Climb The Ladder, Live The Dream" and features the vocals of Alexis Griffith.

Eat More Cake in essence, are writers and musicians Andrew Briggs and Matt Pearn. On stage, they deliver musical direction into an edgy, accomplished and commanding 5-piece band comprising band members, Kay Juviler-Bacon (Vocals), Alex Lane (Drums), Owen Charles (Turntables, Ableton), with Andrew Briggs (Vocals, guitar) and Matt Pearn (Keyboards).

Their debut album (out 2010), was recorded and produced predominantly live, at Eastcote Studios in London by Richard Kayvan. It also features performances by the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra, conducted and arranged by Youki Yamamoto and recorded and engineered by Matt Howe.

And since is a house music blog we must have the remix . . .
click below for a free download of the RED SKY remix.

Peace & Love

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