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Miami House Music ~ DJ Mikey Shanley hi NRG

I love living in Florida. Miami is a place where people and cultures merge on a daily basis. Not only is it beautiful but it's alive with arts & cultural events happening all year long.
DJ Mikey Shanley is a great example of taking different house music influences and merging them to create his own hi NRG party style. Mikey is especially known for high energy sets that unite everyone on the dancefloor.
You can definitely hear the influences of soulful house music styles from his hometown area of Pittsburg along with the funky playfulness of Chicago style seen in DJ's like Bad Boy Bill but what makes him different is how he merges all of that with the miami house sound which is progressive.
When DJ Mikey Shanley spins you are sure to find a FULL dancefloor where everyone is happily partying to house music.
If you're ready for some Hi-N-R-G click here to listen and download his Summer Spin Series Mix.
Enjoy the weekend houzeheadzzzzz. xxooxoxo

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