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2009 Release TIESTO - Kaleidoscope album REVIEW

Tiesto - Kaleidoscope REVIEW
By BellaVida

The man who can fill stadiums with two turntables & an ear for the rhythm that moves the masses is back again with another colossal 2009 release titled Kaleidoscope. The album has 23 new tracks including five instrumentals and many crossover collaborations with Jónsi of Sigur Rós, Kele Okereke of Bloc Party, Nelly Furtado, Calvin Harris, Sneaky Sound System, CC Sheffield and Priscilla Ahn.

Tiesto has already conquered the world of dance music and in this album we can see him flexing his musical muscles by delving into other genres such as pop and rock. This might not be what his fans want to hear but it’s a great way to gain listeners that otherwise would not tune into his sound.

Tiesto is a showman and people are going to like this album. It’s not risky. He’s true to his sound. If you like Tiesto he continues to create tunes kissed with his magic style where he builds you up and sets you free in a climactic up swell of musical ecstasy.

I enjoyed the tracks that reminded me of his previous feel good trance tunes like I Am Strong, Here on Earth and especially Ride which is the most beautiful song on the album. I loved to see him create songs that were modern in the genres of electro and progressive like Fresh Fruit, Century and LA Ride. It shows me he’s still on point and knows what’s being played. Progressive is currently the popular sound of the club scene in Miami.

Not only am I a fan of dance music but I like to switch it up now and then with other genres including rock. I’m a fan of Block Party so Big ups to Tiesto for using Kele’s haunting vocals on the pop rock tune One More Chance and injecting it with the perfect dose of electro. That said, I did not like his popish jointz, Papillion or Back in Your Head with dark old school new wave vocals. They felt dirty, like he was trying hard to please everyone.

My favorite song on the album is the Nelly Furtado collaboration. The moment I heard the chorus it took me back to old school freestyle music. I’m talking late 80’s latin freestyle hits like Boy I’ve Been Told by SaFire. I LOOOOVe this joint and have it on repeat right now. Luvs it.

In summary if you’re a fan of Tiesto you will enjoy the majority of tracks. The record shows Tiesto flexing his musical muscles giving the world a taste of how he can take different genres,add his flavor and make them his own.

You can listen to the entire album on the Tiesto myspace Page. fyi peeps are complaining that itunes does not have all the songs from album for download. ;0

Enjoy yourself.
Peace & Love

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