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The Queen Record of all House Sampling

Hello my sweet love. Today is a fabulous day. One of those days were the sky is the prettiest shade of blue and the stars are aligned so that your creativity is free flowing.

You know I have to have music playing when Im working. I pull up my youtube page and rarely look at the recommendations cause I mean really . . . what could they recommend to me regarding hoUSe muSIC right?! Well well well, I've got to tell you that their little recommendations query is on point today.

the QUEEN of all Records . . . if you're here it's cause you're one of the biggest fans of house music on the planet so you KNOW . . . when you press play it's gonna

bLOw yOUr mINd!

this is the queen of all records, sampled time and time again and numerous compilations and hits.

Enjoy ~ it's beautiful!

Loose Joints - Is It All Over My Face
Label:West End Records
Format:Vinyl, 12"
Genre:Funk / Soul

it came from 1980

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Zain said...

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