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New Music ~ Urban Electro ~ Beat Assassins

Goodies from my inbox that I'm finally getting around to from the
Beat Assassins

The first thing that comes to mind is mASh up. The Beat Assassins is a mash up of styles with an underlying xtra crunchy electro vibe that runs smack down the middle from beginning to end rolled up between layers of dancehall caribbean inspired flavas. If you like dancing this ones gonna move ya.

They've got two phat jointz droppin titled: Boom Syle & Direct Hit VIP.
Boom Style is a phat, electro-driven, party-banger that pumps with intense sonics and hedonistic vibes.
And Direct Hit was first released as a B side to The Hotness in the summer of 2008.

This one right here is tHE hoTtNESs

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