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Dont' Make me Wait 2007

Good morning sugar bunnies, how r u today?
I'm feeling fabu after a morning run in the park to a sound track that started with Season's of Jack and ended with Masters joint Work who's lyrics chanted to me just when i thought i couldn't go any further: put your back in to it, don't waste it, go down, come up. yeah, it was great.

but now its later (i just had to say it that way for reasons known only to the truest donnie darko fans) and I'm listening to this really really great version of Don't Make me Wait. It's amazing how good a song can make you feel. So for this post we're gonna flip it around like a baker with dough (super corny but if u like hip hop dont suck it)and listen to various versions of this amazing (i already used that word didn't i? what's that disease called where u just can't help yourself? i know = it's drinking a huge mug of coffee after running) amazing joint.

Enjoy your day.
Peace & Love

DJ Oscar P - Open Bar Music - Don't Make Me Wait 2007

Peech Boys "Don't Make Me Wait" Dj Dove


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