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Deep House with Deep Sensation

Good evening sexy lips, how are you feeling tonight? I've got some dEEp HoUSe grOOVes for you tonight. We're listening to a group called Deep Sensation that has been pumping out phat jointz to loosen up your spine since 1995.

Now loosen up nobody's looking and let the music move you.

Better Love

Get Together


leigh said...

Hi there, thanks for making my day!!!! I love these old tracks!!! They don't make em like they used to... or do they? Any suggestions?

leigh said...

Hi there, thanks for making my day with these tracks!! Unreal!! They don't make em like they used to ... or do they? I have been looking for new house music lately but can't find much that i really like. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...


Cool Blog! Lovin it :) - house music RULES!

I have recently launched my own house music blog and podcast. It’s all about the best new deep, soulful, tribal, funky & big room house. Jameson and myself (Fowl Play DJ) present the Beats & Pieces show every Wednesday 6-8pm EST on Bondi FM, and then upload the show for podcasting the next day.

Check it out here -> Beats & Pieces Show Blog
You can also subscribe to the podcast here -> Beats & Pieces Show Podcast
Have a listen and please let us know what you think.

Jeremy (Fowl Play DJ)
From Sydney, Australia

BellaVida said...

Hello fellow house lovers! Thanks for dropping by & taking the time to post. I will check out ur links soon.

Leigh -Ive been spending time listening to my archives but when I do find new gems that I really love I promise to post them.

Peace & Love

Daryl Saari said...

Love all your old music on here and i think it is very interesting, You Rock!!