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Jackin House ~ Jujubeats

Happy weekend my luvlies, how r u?

I'm in the mood for Something good to listen to.

Something that will move me.

Something different.

Something that'll make me wanna dance.

I found it on the Joey Youngman Jujubeats EP. All four tracks on the album bring the niceness so I recommend you check it out. My personal fav is Truth & Lies but for dancing Binky is the best.

It's a great day for dancing!

Joey Youngman was born in England then relocated to San Luis Obispo, California. He got a taste of the rave scene at very young age of 13 which hand in hand with classical musical training inspired him to produce his own music. In 2004 after years of djing and working with other labels he opened his own called Festish Recordings then later another label called Jackin Tracks (which i just luv btw). Today he is living his dream of producing some of the best House Music jointz.


Aaron said...

Agreed, it's an amazing EP!

Girlsonic said...

That is an excellent track ... lots going on, very funky, eminently danceable. Thanks!

Rebecca said...

I love this track! It is definately going on one of my playlists.


Jamie said...

Funky is the only word for this track - extremely addictive - love it!