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The Evolution of Music ~ Brand New hOUSe Music February 2009

Happy Weekend House Kittens,
I'm listening to music while doing other things and I've got a new favorite. I've had my head stuck in the 80's but Today I'm going to direct you to a brand new tune.

I am so loving this joint right now but before I reveal it, I will give you a taste of it's evolution so you can appreciate it all the more. You may even find that you love the original masterpiece that inspired so many other artists.

1974 - Kool & the Gang - Summer Madness

1991 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Summertime

and the joint I am bumping:

Mr. V - I Can Sing

sorry I couldn't find a stream for this tune as it was just released. now that's bad on the part the mr.v marketing team. shakin my finger no,no,no

enjoy yourself & Have a fabulous weekend luvlies! xoxo

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The Academix said...

kool and the gang - badboys!

The Academix