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Classic House Music Playlist 26 tracks from the 80's

Today I'm thinking about old school and classic house music.
I've noticed a rise in interest for everything 80's

but especially of music. During this decade there was an amazing artistic movement. People were experimenting with all sorts of sounds. There were no limits to the imagination and everyone was trying to create something new or at least different from anything else around. It was the decade when hip hop, heavy metal, freestyle, breakbeats and house music were born.
So let's take it back. Here are some
80's House joints that I love very much.

1- Jungle Brothers - Ill House You
2- Can you Feel it

3- Voodoo Ray
4- Todd Terry Bango

5-Steve 'Silk' Hurley - Jack Your Body
6- Lil' Louis - French Kiss
7- Inner City - Good Life
8- Ten City - Devotion . . . I wanna give u DEVOTION

9- 2 In A Room - Somebody In The House Say Yeah!

11- White Knight - Jacks The House
12- Adonis. No Way Back
13- Bam Bam - Where's Your Child
14- LNR - Work It To The Bone

15- Maurice* - This Is Acid
16- Lords of Acid
17- Wee Papa Girl Rappers - Blow The House Down
18- Royal House - Party People

19- Jack N Chill- The Jack That House Built
20- Jellybean - Jingo

21- The Beatmasters - Rok Da House

23- Julian Jumpin Perez Feat. Brother D - Let's Work
24- Lil Louis -Why'd U Fall
25- Adeva - Warning!
26- Royal House Yeah Buddy

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