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You Hear but you don't listen ~ The FUTURE is nOw

Hello House Kittens, how are you?

I'm feeling excited today when I think about the future. The news is filled with articles about huge corporations failing and going out of business. My feeling is they deserve to go out of business if said dinosaur companies in any industry can’t keep up with changing technology or the changing wants & needs of the people. It's time for the monopolies to crumble and new voices to be heard. Change is good. Insert opportunity here

We want to hear music how and when we chose and guess what?! we have the technology. So the fact that giant corporations can no longer control the market and dictate to me is quite pleasing. The magic product that mysteriously gets radio play is no longer guaranteed to sell. They lost me many many years ago and if you’re reading this I’m sure we can add you to the list as well. I mean mtv hasn’t played a video in how long?


So anyways . . . who buys cd’s anymore?
I get my music in mp3 format from beatport, traxsource, xpressbeats, itunes, cduniverse, digitaldeejay, djdownload, and many other online shops. One of the most common ways the artists themselves or the smaller labels sell music is via their accounts on Amazon.
If I’m a big fan of the artist I might buy the cd or a compilation cd or even more likely a dj mixed cd but mostly I’ll make my own cds depending on where I will be listening.
Another reason to not buy cds is the fact my mp3 player can plug into any device: my surround sound system, my car, my laptop, portable speakers, etc . . . (where there’s a will, there’s a way)
A Side note To all my hardcore music lovers who are dying a little inside as they read this: I also have a huge stash of vinyl, tapes and cds whose only purpose is to end up in a museum someday.

is NOW

If there’s something I want to hear I can get on the internet and find it. But to me the BEST thing happening is most new up and coming music artists now find me. ; ) And I like that.

The way of the FUTURE

Music will NEVER die. It will survive via recommendation, word of mouth, word of blog, word of internet on social media networks, the way we are currently communicating. We are humans and we love music. We NEED music. Artists will survive via ticket & merchandise sales.

The music industry is morphing and changing into a new landscape and that excites me. Look at the great new quality music being posted on my blog and this is just one genre with infinite styles.

Yeah baby the future looks real good to me. Let’s listen to something happy and if u dare join me in dancing.

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MySisIsABlogger said...

Hey Sis,

Your article is on point, out with the old, in with the new! New views, new ways of thinking, new ideas, new MUSIC!

Love your BLOG!

Luv ya!