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We're Eating Turkey not Chicken Lips

Happy Thanksgiving!

My present to you is . . .
a song by Chicken Lips for your earholes.
Here's one of 10 brand new remixes released this year.

Electro Electronica House Music

Artist: Chicken Lips
Title: Do It Proper (Do You Really Want It)
Released: 2008 from UK
Genre: Electronic
Style: House, Electro

wtf are Chicken Lips?
UK producers Dean Meredith and Andy Meecham came together in 1999 to create a new sound. They called themsselves Chicken Lips and are self described as punk-funk, nu-disco and electro-house. A few of their most popular singles are Big Legs, Shoe Beast and He Not In. I love their eclectic sense of humor which is clearly visible in their track titles.

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