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Tonight I'm in the mood for GAraGE hOUse

Hey there househeadz, I can't believe its already Saturday.

Today I was remembering how back in the day . . .
_____we used to drive down to the flea market searching for a good mix tape. No matter where you were . . . you could always go down to the flea market in search of treasures. For us it was finding that special mash up or remix.

I have many great mix tapes from back in the day . . .
____but today I'm thinking of a certain house mix we found one time
________we drove to some flea market out in New Jersey . . .
that day I chose a mix tape with some really great Garage House tunes. Tunes you could really get off dancing to. We would bump it in the ride to hype us up for the clubbing ahead of us and dancing all night long.

So guess what house kittens? . . . today I'm in the mood for Garage House.

Lets start it off with a classic house tune you'll easily recognize:

and this one is a gift to my true fellow hard core garage house lovers

Have a fabulous night.
Peace & Love

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