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Funky Disco House Music Playlist

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Hey sweet stuff, the party is ON tonight. I've just recieved a request for some FunKY DiSCo House so here go a few tracks for you to play around with and get a feel for what this type of house music sounds like.

The first thing that stands out to me in this type of house music is that it has massive thumping beats making it great for dancing. Yes and for pumping loudly too. Don't hold back just grab onto your wig because u will be dancing!

Enjoy this playlist apple dumplings . . . let's get fuNKy nOw . . .

Houseclap - Happy Happy Happy - DiscoKris Remix
Disco Biscuit - The Love Boat (Tribal Funk Remix) (I swear u will go insane for this one!)
Discobuster - She's Got It (Bananarama - Venus House Remix)
Ultra Devoted - Time Of Our Lives
StoneBridge Feat. Therese - Take Me Away
Eric Kupper Presents K-Scope Feat. Bonnie Bailey - Firefly
Disco Darlings : Don't Hold Back
Bryan Jones - Jackmaster Jazz Jockey (FunkyFierce Edit)
Put Your Feet To The Beat (JR's Funk Club Mix)
Candi Staton - When You Wake Up Tomorrow
Earth People - Dance

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