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Digging in the Crates House Music from 1999

Hello there house music junkies.
Today I was digging in the crates looking for something to play in the background while cooking & cleaning. I found a CD half hidden in a drawer with no case to set the ambiance I was looking for. yeah some garage house flavas to fill the air.

The title:
sexy: speed garage
By the Party Animal Label

There are some really great tunes on there. I love garage house and you know I'm a dancing foolosipher. Here's goes the track listing.

1 Dub Syndicate Productions I Need Your Love Remix - MJ Cole
2 DJ Jack & Jill Don't Know Baby
3 Ray Hurley Take Me Up
4 Maximum Pleasure Feeling This Way
5 Maxim* Love Fantasy
6 Tuff Jam presents Q-Rius Spread Love
7 Raw Funk Collective Everything You Want
8 Hot Pepper Garage Cafe
9 Unda-Vybe History Of House Featuring - Tyree Cooper
10 Wendy Ann Can You Handle It
11 Jameson Always Be Around Vocals - Gerideau
12 Twyce As Nyce Show Ya Love

Here's what it sounds like . . .

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