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Booty House Music ~ It's not your grandma's music

What music gets played @ every college party down south?

Florida peeps demand their music be . . .
Dirty, nasty, crunchy, crusty, sexy, hard thumping, pumping beats

Played on elaborate systems set up with stacks of equipment, amps and eq's

to be played so loudly the largest speakers vibrate with a force that puts them in danger of tearing

because WE loooove to . . .
grind, winding hips, in succinct rhythms, working those thighs, going down to the floor and back up again, dance partner in the front another in the back, getting hot and sweaty (cause honey if you aint sweatin then u aint doin it right) , all over each other all night long until backs are too sore to grind anymore.

yeah props to me for keeping it clean.
Speaking of clean your getting sound not a nasty video. ;0

This tune is Miami style booty House Music. If you listen to tunes coming from Chicago or even Baltimore the first thing you'll notice is the speed. They like their booty music to play faster than the laid back southerners. Maybe the heat makes us lethargic or maybe we like to take our time to enjoy things. ; )

later baby

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