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Movie Soundtrack featuring House Music ~ Party Girl 1995

Hello House Kittens, how are you? I'm fabulous darling, thanks for asking.

Last night I watched the 1995 movie Party Girl starring the ultimate indie girl, Parker Posie. It was so funny but the best part is all the house music featured in the movie. The main character, Posie, had a roommate who just happened to be a DJ with the best record collection of his day. That said there are also plenty of party scenes and clubbing scenes to get your groove on. Posie's character throws a few house parties and her homie DJ spins at THE club. Loads of good music and dancing. Remember Vogueing???? Yes, there's vogueing in the movie too. It's a 90's party scene time capsule of fun.

If your in the mood to reminisce over some hot 90's House tracks, I highly recommend this movie.

He-he- hello!

Here's a listing of the songs on the soundtrack. Not all of them are House music and not all of the songs in the movie are on it. It's just a small taste of the movies goodness. ; 0

Track Listings
1. Mama Told Me (Not to Come) - Newman, Randy
2. Beautiful - Fratz, C.
3. You Don't Love Me (No No No) - Penn, Dawn
4. Les Ailes - Khaled, Hadj Brahim
5. I'll Keep Coming Back - Munford, C.
6. Big Apple Boogaloo - Baker, Arthur [1]
7. Anyone Could Happen to Me - Baker, A.
8. Peter Piper - Simmons, Joe [1] "R
9. To Be Loved - Burchett, E.
10. Never Take Your Place - Heard, L.
11. Music Selector Is the Soul Reflector - Brill, D.
12. Party Girl (Turn Me Loose) - Nate, U.

Some of the songs in the movie not on the soundtrack:
"If You Believe-Believe in Me" by Chantay Savage
"In My House"
"New Jersey Deep" by Black Science Orchestra

Party Girl Trailer

TRIVIA: On June 3, 1995, it became the first feature film to be shown in its entirety on the Internet through Glenn Fleishman's Point of Presence Company.

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