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The Everglades Swamp

The world is our playground. This is what the Florida swamps look like during the boiling hot summer.
The water levels are pretty high since we've had a few storms pass through the area this hurricane season. High water levels mean more gators but I didn't see too many since I was there just after midday. All creatures are lethargic from the intense heat during these hours. It took alot of coaxing from the buggy driver to remove a bison off of our path. The animal protested by giving the tire a good kick.

I especially liked being among the vegetation that fights to grow in such harsh conditions. We reluctantly tried a species of swamp grape which turned out to be a sweetly refreshing surprise and I recommend you try. Also in the swamp is a species of fern that is impossible to kill. It can grow anywhere on the planet and even if dried up all it needs is a bit of water to bring it back to life.

All of this is here thanks to laws established to preserve the land.
What will we leave behind? What will you leave behind? ; )

Peace & Love
Enjoy each day.


GC said...

For the record, a wetland where the predominant vegetation is emergent plants is a marsh; if the predominant plants are trees, it is a swamp.

BellaVida said...

Thanks for dropping by, I just love smart peeps.