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Rabbit in the Moon ~ Freedom Festival

Rabbit in the Moon is what you get when you combine Psychedlics, Trance, Electronica, House Music and Breakbeats. The group is from Tampa and has been pumping out music since 1993. Their last release was a double CD called Decade in 2007.

A strange yet very enjoyable combination was what I thought when I accidentally ended up at this very different concert yesterday evening. This event wasn't planned but ended up being my destiny. We ended up at the FReedOM FEstivAL @ Revolution night club in Ft. Lauderdale. It was awesome. I loved it. I found some footage of last nights event but this is something you have to experience in person to get the full effect. So if you ever get the chance I say don't hesiate . . . just GO. It's not a boring performance you get a full blown show.

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