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What I did last Saturday ~ Progressive House

I know you remember me saying that I needed a night out and that was exactly what I did, House Kittens. I went to a place where I could surround myself with the sounds of House Music. I ended up at Gryphon nightclub where the fabulous Charlie Solana was behind the decks spinning Progressive House tunes for me to dance to. Yes, he's the one New Times declared BEST DJ 2007. The set was mainly progressive but I really enjoyed the bits of tribal he sprinkled in there. Especially the tracks with Brazilian flavor, they made me really want to dance the samba. ;)

Here's a taste of what he plays . . .

What is Progressive House?

The term Progressive comes from the willingness to add new elements and sounds to House Music. It is a music movement which started during the early 90's in the UK with DJs like Sasha and Digiweed. But more recently as trance became more popular and melodic, progressive house darkened and acted as an underground counterpoint, merging with Tribal House to produce many very minimal percussive tracks.

What it sounds like:
Progressive House has the attributes of big dramatic builds, crescendos and breakdowns achieved by layering different sounds on top of each other and slowly bringing them in and out of the mix.

Don't get it twisted:
I would say that what distinguishes it from trance is that progressive is more subtle focusing on creating an atmosphere. It's more emotional than the structured trance track.

So go out and explore it.

Peace & Love

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