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Hello Househeads, how are ya?

I've got brand spankin new flavas for your finely tuned ear. This is the latest track out by Skint Records label founder Damian Harris aka Midfield General. There are a few remixes out there that are real tight. I have to say my fav is the Chicken Lips remix.

It reminds me of old techno, old acid, old prodigy mixed with party people now yo get funky now just hit me . . . and you know the rest. Now go dance silly monkey . . . I am. . .

Title: Disco Sirens
Artist: Midfield General

This is the D.I.M. remix


Pece & Love

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BlackTheKnife said...

this has nothing to do with your post, but maybe you can help...there is a track from the 90's that starts with two women having a conversation about one of them having sex in a car. It goes like this: "(something something) in that old buick,I couldn't stop grinning"
"you gave it up in a buick?"
"Honey, it was WONDERFUL"
and then the beat breaks in. The chorus is "Tell him that I want to make love to him tonight" Can you help? I am fixated!