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The New Baby ~ Princesa our AB Mascot

Meet Princesa, my 44lb, 9 month old American Bulldog.
We had to rescue this poor puppy. She was an extremely skinny girl with a nasty welt on her back leg. We took her in and provided some good food, a nice bath and lots of love and in a short few weeks she has blossomed into pure sweetness.

Princesa loves new toys and goes through them very quickly. The one in the picture has already been destroyed from incessant chewing as all puppies must do. Imagine if I didn’t give her toys that would be my furniture. Yikes!

Look at that face. You know you want a kiss.


RedCarpet said...

aww she is way too cute!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks, we adore her. She's a handful of work but she pays us back with affection.