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I am a Cartoon but What Happened to my Nose?

I was messing around with an HP photo program on my computer looking for some kewl photo effects and this is the end result.
I like it alot except my nose disappeared. I like my nose. It's perfectly straight. I even like my freckles. I want my nose back.
Peace & Love
Have a great night house kittens. . .


Navin said...

If you are cartoon, then who is Mickey mouse and others :)


BellaVida said...

thats funny because I actually spent last night @Disney PRincess Wishes on Ice. Disney rocks it the best.

I love the cartoon PHoto look I just dont have the time to make it as nice as I would like.


Navin said...

Good for you, but something really bugs me why gorgeous looking lady like you want to be cartooon..