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Brand New House Music April 2008

Hello Househeads, as always I’m keeping you updated on the latest and greatest goings on in the House Music scene. Today we’re looking at our friends on the West Coast. Yes, I’m talking about the great state of California. I know they are building up a great House Scene over there and I always give props when props are due.

San Diego DJ Misha has a spanking brand new promotional mix CD. Born in the Ukraine, he has resided in San Diego since the early 90’s. Influenced by his father’s vinyl collection his style has developed into a passion for DEEP House Music. In his sets you can hear a mixture of jazz, funk and disco sounds which he seamlessly incorporates into a steady mix of powerful beats. He has played at hot spots around the San Diego area such as Envy at the Ivy Hotel, in La Jolla and Harneys Sushi in Old Town just to name a few.

I love DEEP House Music!

Here is a list of the tracks on his just released promotional Mix CD brought to you by San Diego DJ Misha.

1. Next To Me (Movin Vox Mix) - Roy Davis Jr
2. I Like It (Giom Mix) - Kirby & Damien Bailey
3. A Life Time - Da Sunlounge
4. Thinking About You - Matt Bandy feat Jans Ingbar
5. Back When - Sir Piers
6. Down With It - Kinky Movement & PK
7. Keep It Deep - Shrewd
8. Do It 4 Da Love (Tommy Largo) - Groundholder
9. Alguien Para Recordar (Candy Dealers) - Edmund
10. Sunday Night Jazz Sessions - Ryan Kick & Craig Hamilton
11. Need you tonight - INXS
12. Island Sunset (Sunlounge Mix) - Pint Size
13. Truth & Lies - JY’s Vaporub Dub
14. Another You - (Hot Toddy Mix)

Enjoy yourself.

Peace & Love

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