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House Music Seekers Soul Seekers Truth Seekers

How I arrived at today's House song selection is a strange story or some might say it was destiny playing itself out. It all started when I saw a commercial for the show Lunch with Bokara. I caught an episode a week ago and found it wonderfully fascinating. Sooooo I looked her up on the Internet to see if I could watch the episodes online. I web surfed and landed on a website which referred to her as a TRUTH SEEKER. That made me think of the Soul Seekerz and that my dear kittens is how today's song selection was made.

What can I say, my world revolves around House Music.

Peace & Love

Soul Seekerz - Party For The Weekend Wally Lopez Remix

Who are the Soul Seekers?

One of the most prolific remix and production teams in the UK today Julian Napolitano, Simon Langford and Andrew Galea who have each had their own UK Top 20 successes in the past and who have now joined forces to bring Soul Seekerz to life. The slick house outfit first came together in 2004 with a remix of Jocelyn Browns Riding on the Wings. The track introduced them on the dance floor, but it was their own 2005 track Turn Me Upside Down that introduced them to the masses. Soul Seekerz is currently in the studio working on new material to release very soon. Enjoy this.

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